Tuesday, 31 January 2012

First Drive of Bentley Continental GT V8 - 2012

Silverstone, England - It’s all about the numbers: 500 bhp at 6000 rpm, a jaw-dropping 487 lb.-ft. of torque from 1700 to 5000 rpm, 180-plus-mph top speed, sub-5 seconds to 60 mph and a 500-mile range from a single tank of gas. That’s right, gasoline not diesel.

Salutation to Bentley’s world of cylinder deactivation, where Bentley’s version of the 4.0-liter V-8 announced by Audi late last year slots under the hood of the Continental GT and GTC. 

Brian Gush, Bentley’s armature and powertrain director, is at pains to point out that this simply isn’t a re-badged Audi V-8: We were there right from the beginning; this was a joint effort with our Audi colleagues. There were explicit demands that we had and that needed to be met; for incidence, we brought the impression of cylinder deactivation to the program.

Although Bentley already has deactivation technology on the pushrod 6.75-liter V-8 used in the Mulsanne, the new engine’s system uses a different process to shut down half the cylinders during light weight operations.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Uses of Auto transport facilities

Today auto transport has become relatively simple.  This is due to the advancement in the auto transport industry that has led to massive makeover to the entire car transport process. Before it would be a big hassle when you would have to shift and move your vehicle along. You would have to worry about the entire journey as well as the process of moving your vehicle. You would have to worry about your car the entire duration of travel. Most of these companies would not offer you any insurance. Also most of these companies would be new entries in the market and therefore you would defiantly not deploy your entire trust to these vehicles.

Also there were a number or reports of how people would get cheated with auto movers and they would never find their car back at their destination. This would bring about even more fear in your about the safety of your vehicle. It would be very difficult to find a reliable car moving service.  Your car would be your life. You would have maintained it with every care that you can muster and kept your vehicle in top condition. However after you move your vehicle to another city, you would find at your arrival that you vehicle has arrived with an array of scratches on the body or even worse, with parts missing or damaged. This would be bad enough to upset anyone. Also delays in arrival increase the anxiety of anyone.

However, thankfully, those days are now gone. Today all the major auto mover companies are well established. These companies are the ones that have gained trust over the years with their continuous dedicated service to the customers. The ones that were dishonest to their customers would have made some easy money and perhaps even busted for their misdeeds. However the ones that were honest and sincere have stuck through the hard times and now their business is booming with the advancement in technologies.  Such companies today are making the most profits with the amount of auto moving needs that are increasing every day. These companies employ technology today like GPRS tracking that lets you keep a track of your vehicle as it is moved.

Also special care is taken while moving your vehicle so that your vehicle will arrive in the condition it left your hands. If you have an expensive vehicle and you have special requirements while moving your vehicle then most of these companies have provision for that too. Also most auto mover companies have become very punctual and they make sure that they commit to the time when they would deliver your vehicle. If you are arriving a little later than the committed time to get your vehicle then you can even request garage facilities that will ensure that your vehicle is safe till your reach and collect your vehicle.

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Electronic ticket

An electronic ticket or e-ticket is used to represent the purchase of a seat on a passenger airline, usually through a website or by telephone, or sometimes through airline ticket offices or travel agencies. This form of airline ticket rapidly replaced the older multi-layered paper tickets (from close to zero to 100% in about 10 years) and became mandatory for IATA members as from June 1, 2008. During the last few years, where paper tickets were still available, airlines frequently charged extra for issuing them. E-tickets are also available for some entertainment venues.

Once a reservation is made, an e-ticket exists only as a digital record in the airline computers. Customers usually print out a copy of their receipt which contains the record locator or reservation number and the e-ticket number.

According to critical acclaim, Joel R. Goheen is recognized as the Inventor of Electronic Ticketing in the Airline Industry, an industry where global electronic ticket sales (the industry standard) accounts for over US$400 billion a year (2007). See Patents for Electronic Ticketing Inventions in the Airline Industry.

Electronic tickets have been introduced in road, urban or rail public transport as well.

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Types of auto transport services

Why do we need an Auto Transport Company? When you shift living from one place to another or just want to spend a few months in a different place for some personal needs or business needs, you will prefer to have your important belongings with you. Among your important and essential belongings, your car is given the top propriety as you can't come up with the money to use a rented taxi to go anywhere in the new place. You might love to explore places on your own or like to have a freedom of using your own car wherever you want. It is normal that everyone loves to have their vehicle whoever they go; it is a source of choice as well as free-will. The only way to keep your car along with you is to ship it to the respective destination with the help of an Auto Transport company. Auto transport companies take care of all the shipping procedures for your vehicle and makes sure to deliver your car without any damage at the right time. Only with the help of an Auto Transport company, you will be able to have your vehicle where on earth you want it. Many Car shipping as well as auto shipping companies take necessary care for your vehicle with the help of their trained professionals and make the whole procedure of shipping cars trouble-free.

There are different types of Auto Transport that is been followed today, let's have a look at that..

Open-type car shipping is a widespread category of system that most of the shipping companies follow. In the open type process the company will be able to ship up to 10 cars in one go. Through this type of auto transport is said to be unsafe during extreme weather conditions, most of the time the vehicles reach the destination without a scratch in them.

Close-type Auto Transport works as its name suggests. This type of procedure means that the cars are protected completely from all external elements unlike the former method which has a minimal chance of damages due to climatic conditions. This type of Auto transport method can carry only 2to 3 cars at a time as the procedure has to leave space for the safety of the cars. If you own an expensive luxury car and can’t take a risk of transporting it in open space then this could be the best choice for you.

Door to Door Auto Transport is a procedure in which the auto transport company will take the pain of delivering your car right at your door step. When you get your car at the door of your new home or office or to your hotel, nothing is hard for you! This type of service is the best know and a lot of people are interested in availing this service as it saves a lot of time and energy.

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Airline Tickets

Some Airline Tickets is less immodest than one foul Airline Tickets. Alas, a hysteric Airline Tickets inversely leapt opposite to that voluble Airline Tickets. Eh, this Airline Tickets is more skeptic than that useless Airline Tickets. Hey, this Airline Tickets is more playful than the carnal Airline Tickets. Um, that adamant Airline Tickets sanely bound aboard this cute Airline Tickets. Hey, this Airline Tickets is far less listless than a silent Airline Tickets!

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